Employee Experience Lab

We help you create empowering work environments to achieve your business goals. 

In the EX Labs we team up with HR Teams to bring together People’s and Business’ needs and co-create human-centric and high performing organisations.


Companies are craving innovation. But how can employees be innovative and agile when all their energy is consumed by organizing their work or is eaten up by frustrating processes?

When people feel valued and trusted; when they believe in what they do, their performance increases and therefore the business results. It is all about the Employee Experience.

This is how we do it!

Co-create working culture, processes and internal services that are game-changing together with your employees focussing on their needs.



  • Define the business goals and employees’ needs
  • Choose where to invest your time to maximize impact


  • Use data to guide Employee Research
  • Gather insights and map the Employee Journey with the Moments that Matter


  • Craft a Minimum Delightful Experience with its Employee Value Proposition
  • Validate with Employees


  • Bring People on Board with strong insights from research and storytelling
  • Invite Employees to the New Journey

 A value driven Employee Experience Design

EX Diagnosis for Strategic Decision Making

Your company has its strategy and therefore its success metrics, with our EX Diagnosis we identify the roadblocks and missing behaviours preventing employees from delivering their best work. As neutral partners, we make it easier for your employees to voice their pains and wishes and therefore have deeper access to what’s really going on.

The outcome is a clear map with Fields of Opportunities and a set of data to guide your decision making and invest your time where impact is meaningful. 

Improve your EX with Design Sprints 

When is it clear what processes and practices you need to create or improve to enhance the experience of your colleagues and drive the business’ strategy, we help you find the right solutions in a quick and structured way with Design Sprints.

Any stage of the  Employee Life Cycle can be tackle, from hiring to on-boarding to retaining and performance management. In only 5 days you and your team leave with a tested prototype of your new EX.

Employee Experience Design for HR

Is your candidate experience under performing? are you running out of ideas to engage your colleagues in administrative & compliance tasks? do you need to design new processes but don’t know how to include your colleagues without wasting time?

In this training you learn how to design a remarkable Employee Experience for your unique company culture! We share with you the strategies, methods, tips and tricks that we used to help more than 20 global teams to redesign their processes and services together with their colleagues. 

Why we created EX Lab.

Innovation starts with people…but is done in Organisations.

We live and work in a new age of collaboration. Challenges are complex, information abundant and knowledge messy; that makes it impossible to plan and structure work and workforce in the long term.

Meaningful teamwork becomes the only way to master this uncertainty. But how can people work together across functions, hierarchies even organisational borders when they are managed and controlled by a machinery that tells them what to do, and rewards their individual behaviour!

That structure is upheld by a HR! We are convinced the functions of so-called Human Resources needs to be disrupted and they must step out of their support function to become the heart of organisations; enabling their colleagues, ensuring teaming and pushing the boundaries of what work means.

We believe work is a way to explore yourself, try out and grow together with your peers working towards a common goal and with the EX Lab we want to do exactly that.

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