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Cultural Transformation

Drive innovation from within with your own community of practice. Develop innovation capabilities in-house to anchor the right mindset and skills into everyday organisational life.

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Employee Experience Design

Increase your organization’s performance with a work culture where people unleash their full potential. We help you (re)design your processes blending your business’ and employees’ needs.

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About us

We believe that work should be a space where people tap into their innate potential to bring value to others.

We developed the Design Thinking Community of Practice for Nestlé and redesigned internal processes from an employee perspective.

The fresh eye of an outsider with the experience of an insider! We foresee challenges particular to the business context and design with them.

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Online Classes

We answer questions from people all over Europe about coaching Design Thinking. We put them in our YouTube Channel and keep updating it every week. It is for free! Enjoy!

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We all have been there. You need a good warm-up, right now…but which one? Our Coachbot on Facebook Messenger helps you out!

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Microlearning Letter

Your monthly learning Vitamin boost. Digestable insight pills with the right dosage of coaching tips, bookreviews, outcomes from our research into how to bring Design Thinking to organisations and much more.

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